Nature-Based Therapy

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let's take a hike...

We spend an increasing amount of time in fast-paced, technology-based environments, which often drains our patience and impedes our focus. Getting out in nature fills us with a quiet energy, while simultaneously intensifying and clarifying our perceptions. It slows the incessant 'thought chatter' that hijacks our minds by instilling a sense of calm, well-being, and connection. Nature uplifts our mood and restores our feelings of fascination and awe. It helps us recover from the normal psychological wear and tear we experience in our lives.

Nature-based therapy sessions can be tailored to any individual. Sessions can range from sitting on a bench in a park, to an easy walk on a forest path, to an adventurous  hike. Let's take a hike in nearby Ringwood State Park, Ramapo State Forest, or Harriman State Park and explore how nature can support our healing, growth, and inspiration. 

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