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kristin pannorfi, phd

I believe that the mental, emotional, and physical spaces we inhabit shape our identities. How we engage within these spaces contributes to our sense of belonging, our attachments with others, our inspiration to create and transform. 

Growing up a reserved, sensitive observer, I struggled for years to feel comfortable in my own skin. Through my studies, experiences, and self-reflection I realized that confidence and fulfillment happens when we push outside our comfort zones. It is in these expansive and dynamic spaces that we experience vivid interactions, deep meanings, and opportunities to challenge and enrich our lives.

So often we find ourselves caught up in the opinions of others or overwhelmed by life's responsibilities. Even though we may know what we fundamentally need in our lives, we are unable to fulfill these needs due to the continual distractions and unexpected obstacles which compress our space, impede our progress, or lead us astray.  

Let me help you quiet the outside noise and your inside critic so you can progress to a point in your life where you can thrive. I invite you to join me so we can find your connective space.

Training and Experience

My studies in psychology include a Bachelor's degree from Boston College, a Master's degree and Doctorate from Fordham University. I am a licensed psychologist in the state of New Jersey. I have over 15 years of experience working in schools, hospitals, business, and psychotherapy clinics in Massachusetts, New York, and New Jersey. I am passionate about empowering teens, young adults, and adults develop critical life skills related to: 




goal setting

personal and professional identity

transitioning to college

starting or changing careers

work/school - life balance 

self-esteem improvement


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